Frequently asked questions

How to make an exchange on FarisExchanger?

You need to choose the direction of exchange and fill in an exchange application. Click the Exchange and follow the instructions available on the confirmation panel of the exchange request. If you have any questions during the exchange process, please, contact the operator through Whatsapp support.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We have a pretty clear and transparent affiliate program which can bring you earnings for the exchanges of the users you quoted. Payment of remuneration is paid from 3%. You can find more detailed information on affiliate page.

Can I cancel the exchange if I have already paid for the application?

Sorry, you can not cancel the exchange if you already paid for exchange.

Do you have live support?

We provide live support assistance through whatsapp. Just text us here +1(613)215-3125 for support.

How much time required to complete an Exchange?

It takes only about 2-3 days to process an exchange. Sometimes it take up to 7 days to process your exchange.